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Andie Trépanier

Artist & Illustrator



Emerging contemporary artist, Andie Trépanier, is a versatile multi-disciplinary creative who is currently working primarily with oil, gouache, and acrylic mediums.


Andie was extensively mentored by their father; late, renown landscape artist and filmmaker Cory Trépanier and has been creating commissioned artwork and excelling in creative fields since their early teens (see CV below). Through this lifelong mentorship Andie garnered a comprehensive grasp of art fundamentals and technique while adopting unique self-teaching methods; analysing art philosophies and developing creative processes, while proactively evolving skillsets as needed.


The artist's works are mostly created in their hermetic barn studio, located in a forested grove in Caledon, Ontario on a third-generation artist property. After dedicating the last 3 years specifically to visual arts, they have dutifully laid the foundations for their forthcoming debut exhibition and are now crafting a series of large canvases.


This new collection focuses on subconscious exploration, artfully executed according to a pleasure-centred creative process developed by the artist. Andie pulls compositions directly from extensive dream experiments and records, tactfully recreating scenes they have experienced in subliminal spaces. The result is an otherworldly visual plane, rich with symbolism and implied narratives; a malleable playground for the artist to examine contemplative and expansive themes such as death, gender, power, class, introspection, and what wisdom might be found in the unknown.

Creative Endeavours

Fine Arts

Fine Tattoo Works

Art Direction & Editorial Photography

Music Production

Music Performance & Management

Graphic Design


Commissioned fine art works for private clienttele (2011 - present) 

Recipient of the Headwaters Arts Scholarship (2013)

Is the owner and senior artist of Canvas Collective Tattoo Studio; as senior artist (10 years experience) has taken on an apprentice (2018 - present)

Is presently co-producing, directing, shooting, and editing editorial photo visual series for future photography exhibition and music project accompaniment (2021-present)

Released self-produced debut EP “Sketches” under recording artist name “Andi” in 2016, as well as the following singles: Half Home (2017), Agoraphobic (2019), Lost in Transition (2019), Girls (2020)


Is currently commissioned by the Ontario Arts Council to record first full-length record (2019 - current day)

Performed live with David Foster, DeerFields Clinic (2016)

Made top 3 in CBC’s National Searchlight TV competition (2016)

Original music featured on CBC and Rogers radio (2016, 2017, 2018)

Produced and managed a week-long Canadian tour promoting original music with 9-piece band (2017)

Created commissioned graphic design work for an established clientele including logos, album art, mural work, product design (2013-2019)

Produced, directed, shot and edited short film which was later awarded the TIFF Jesse Wente Critic’s Award for a Short film, 2013, at the Young Reel’s Film Festival (2013)

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